Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The 5 Keys To Better Customer Service

 5 Tips To Earn Respect From Customers

1) Know the product, study the product, be the expert
2) Communication between all the departments in the company is Key
3) Timing and Patience
4) Know Your Own Boundaries and Set them
5) Just Be Yourself

1) Be The Expert

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My Name is Christopher Bechtol, one longest employees at  The Futon Shop. I am here to answer questions and reveal the secrets to how I have succeeded in customer service while working at The Futon Shop.  I  started working at The Futon Shop in Santa Rosa June 2nd in 2005 and quickly rose to head of Customer service of RMA(Returned Merchandise Authorization) because I was looked at as an employee that was smart, a go getter, and didn't stop until finding the answer. I also had a great working relationship with my staff, co-workers, and customers. Most of all, I was looked at a great problem solver and someone that was determined and professional. When I first became the Manager at The Santa Rosa Futon shop, I was full of anxiety and hope that I could find a full time job to take care of his soon to be wife and daughter that was on her way. Selling futons was natural to me and I started getting the process of customer relationships and the product quickly. General Manager Mark Mathews took the time to train me and I slowly absorbed huge inventory and different ingredients that make a over 33 futons and codes used to sell them. As time went by I one of the highest paid sales people and other stores started calling me for help with codes and ideas how to work with certain customer issues. I studied The Futon Shop product as if I was taking a final in college. Knowledge of the  25+ mattresses (now The Futon Shop sells 40+) which each one having a different composition gave me a great confidence in selling and talking with customers if there was any issues with the product. This knowledge and confidence seeped through and customers had faith in me and respected me. 
Working at The Futon Shop was interesting, kept me busy, and selling a product with high quality ingredients was a new experience from any other job in the past. I became excited to get up int he morning and went into work with a smile on my face.
 Being an expert is crucial to giving good customer service. I walk into the Showroom with knowledge and this helps my confidence and in return the customer gets great customer service and a lesson and they get the information they need to make the best decision and help from sales person that cares about the product and service that is professional and informative. 

2) Communication Is The Key

Problem solving is the a big factor in customer service. When receiving a  call or email, it is imperative to evaluate the situation, and choose wisely how and when to call certain departments. Knowledge of this concept is often learned through trial and error when beginning in any company. building relationships and listening to the complaint and making notes and messages are helpful in the beginning process of customer service. I learned the above through experience amd became better solving customer issues after building relationships with every department at The Futon Shop warehouse.
Since the company is based in San Francisco, I can call or even drive an hour to talk to the owner, the head of the shipping, futon, cover, and frames department. And that is exactly what Chris did. Through the years of working in a few different positions at the warehouse, he began to build working relationships with each department. This in return helped him learn each person's name, personality, and respect. I am not just a sales person selling products in a box, I respect and understands what it takes to make just one futon. I have seen the hard work that everyone contributes and know all the employees by name and talk with each one at work. h
Customer service is nothing without communication. My experience in this process of learning the product and gaining respectful working relationships built my confidence. Chris explains "This ability to learn, educate and sell such a thing as a futon has allowed me to grow as a person".  I have gained confidence in myself as an employee and as a father and husband. I am way more confident in social settings than I was before working at The Futon Shop in Santa Rosa.

The Futon Shop Santa Rosa
The Futon Shop Santa Rosa

 3) Timing and Patience

 The Futon Shop became an obstacle at times and having patience to listen to customers has helped build loyal customer relationships. Anyone in the company can call me and I love talking to them and hearing at the end of the conversation coworkers and customers calm down, laugh, thank me, and breath a little deeper.  If you are new in sales and a customer calls in with a complaint with high anxiety, a sales person or manager talking to the customer might get all hyped up like the customer and become frantic and start calling anybody for help demanding answers. I have learned to take a few breaths and find a little humor and after a while use the skills of listening and having patience to give the customer the time to vent and express any emotions they are feeling. It takes patience to stop what you are doing and just be there with the customer.
My path at The Futon Shop continued as I became more mixed  in customer service while getting promoted to handle warranty issues. Difficult problems came up since I was not in the office to walk into the different department at that second to check on a cover or fabric, or mattress, so it was hard with timing. Not knowing when things would arrive in the San Francisco main warehouse, I quickly turned this flaw into a strategy to better my communication with the factory. I was forced  to communicate regularly with almost everyone that worked in the warehouse. It can be a difficult thing to be patient with people especially those you do not know, but I was instantly met with respect while working in the different departments. I had to be calm calm patient, letting others be heard helped build working relationships quickly.
In no time, I discovered the right times to make the calls, ask the right questions, and have since then established rapports with every individual working in the warehouse.

4) Setting Boundaries

Know Thyself. That is key with any job you undertake, but it is crucial when it comes to customer service. I knew that working at The Futon Shop alone worked for me since I did not like drama and I could just be in my own head and not worry about stepping on any ones toes. Working alone has taught me how to multi task with  answering the phone, chat room online, and responding to emails. The responsibility is mine and mine alone. I also get to give 100% of my time to customers that come into the shop. The idea of working by myself never appealed to me because I like talking and chatting, but I have found working alone is what I like best and gives me time to work with customers and this makes me happy to go into work. Setting this boundary allows me to be happy and be honest with myself creates a positive work space and I like my job and I am happier at home with my family, which ultimately makes me better at my job. 

5) Just Be Yourself

The Best advice In life is To Be Yourself.
I love working at The Futon Shop because I can be myself. This is not a huge chain, so I feel like I am part of The Futon Shop family. Sonoma County is my home is and I can easily relate to the customers coming in. I have a family so I can talk with other parents and grandchildren about parenting and the joys of having kids. I love connecting with customers and sharing funny stories of loving in Sonoma County or vent or share stories of being a family man. Then after bonding, the products become easy a fun experience for everyone.

Best advice fro Chris: "Be laid back, be honest and up front, be yourself. This approach has served me  well. Let your intentions be to inform the customer, give them all their options, and explain it well."

Come on in to talk and meet with Chris at The Futon Shop.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Natural Bed Frames

  Natural Bed Frames
Alto Natural Organic Platform Bed In Cherry

            Alto Natural Organic Platform Bed In Cherry

Natural wood bed frames come in many variety of styles. 

 Made directly from oak, walnut, cherry or maple woods you 

can create an organic environment inside your home. 


off these bed frames with a mattress from The futon Shop 

and there you go.  Start your change now by purchasing a 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Natural Bed Frames

  Natural Bed Frames
Loft2 Natural Maple Platform Bed

       Loft2 Natural Maple Platform Bed  

Natural bed frames come in real solid woods with no toxic finishes.  Cut right from natural woods like cherry, maple walnut and oak the natural bed frames come in unique styles.  Inlay the headboards are deck out your platform bed legs you can design your frame however you feel like.  Come by The Futon Shop to see your  natural bed frame options today.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Organic Pillows Bedding

Organic Pillows Bedding
Organic Cotton Throw Pillows

                       Organic Pillows

  Sleep healthier and happier with organic 

pillows.   Organic pillows can range from 

100% natural latex, latex noodles, wool, or organic cotton.  Each come with a nice removable 

cover made from wool, organic cotton, bamboo fibers or sateen.  Organic pillow bedding is the 

last part of completing your organic bed so choose wisely and sleep happy.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Modern Sofa Bed Sleepers

Chemical Free Platform Bed Frames
Morpheus Contemporary Sectional Sofa Bed

        Morpheus Contemporary Sectional Sofa Bed

A modern sofa bed sleeper brings style to any home.  With a variety of looks that trumps the traditional sofa sleeper look you can design a room to look sleek and modern at The Futon Shop.  Coming in sizes ranging from twin to king.  Like this new morpheus contemporary sectional sofa bed.  Stylish in white brings flair and flavor to your lifestyle.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Futon Frame

Futon Frame
Dillon Futon Frame Wallhugger

                        Futon Frame

A futon frame is just not what it used to


 Tri- folding uncomfortable futons on

slated unfinished frames are gone. 

 Stylish everyday use wall hugger frames 

are the new thing in futon frames.  Easy 


operate and always stationary on the wall 

you can easily open and close these 

frames when they are right up on the wall.

  Choose from many styles in arms and 

finishes in full queen and loveseat size 

futon frames.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pattern Futon Cover

                                               Futon Covers

                                        Broadway Merlot Patterned Chenille Mattress Slipcover    

                                Pattern Futon Covers

The futon Shop offers an array of futon covers.  The popular in style is pattern futon covers.  All washable and removable in 100's of decorative patterns and fabrics.  A futon cover like an decoration can add some life to the room.  Like a painting, vase or any accessory a futon cover livens up your home so it feels like spring everyday.